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Winter Fertilization

Grass needs its own food to stay at its best and greenest! Just like people take vitamins to supplement their nutritional diet they receive from their food. nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium are the three main ingredients in fertilizer which will help your lawn, regardless of the type of grass you own. Be sure to keep your grass cut during winter also! Leaving your grass overgrown during the winter months it will be prey to field mice and other burrowing animals that want a warm place to sleep. Mice can destroy large parts of your lawn by building nests. As well as create dead spots where they spend all of their time as well as pulling up large amounts of grass to build their structures.

Leaf Clean up

The Texas temperature dropping and rain during winter can damage your grass and will need replacing. Taking care of your lawn is important during winter , some people think summer is ideal to control weed growth but that's not true. Weeds grow much faster than your grass in the winter. These are some steps to taking care of your leaf clean up. Clear Any Leaves & Debris, Control Weed Growth, Adjust Mower Blade, Provide the Grass with Moisture, Aerate the Lawn, Fertilize Your Lawn, Top Dress, Check the Sprinklers, Plant Winter Grasses.

Pressure washing

your driver-thru, side walks, curve, can withstand heavy rain, blustering wind, pounding hail and strong sun rays on a regular basis and it will show. By doing a quick pressure wash on the exterior of your home, your getting rid of layers of dirt and other contaminates. It a fast way to make your home look brand new again! there can be black mold and mildew bulling up, which makes it look bubbled up and jagged. But could also be a safety risk and health hazard if you don't get it cleaned up.

Basic Lawn

In the winter months, Taking care of your lawn is important. The main loss of plants is caused by the winter. Since we rarely get snow here in Texas, you should still water your lawn in the winter. If your grass looks dry, droopy, or if your foot leaves a footprint when you walk across it, then your grass needs watering. 

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